Information: HD Vision Foldaways Sunglasses and HD Vision Binoculars

“Get Your World's First and Improved HD Vision
  Foldaways Sunglasses...”

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Also Available are these
HD Vision Binoculars

HD Vision Binoculars Zoom Ins

If you want to know more about these Great HD Binoculars then read on


HD Vision Binoculars Zoom InsStay in the middle of the action and turn the worst seats in the house into best ones. HD Vision Zoom-Ins are world’s first high definition binoculars that ensure the 300 x magnification image quality. Get unprecedented color and clarity with HD Vision Zoom-Ins. Only $10.00 plus $7.95 S&H. Get a 2nd pair FREE, just pay additional $7.95 S&H.

HD Binoculars are high definition binoculars that you can use for any occasions.  They are small and compact, but powerful.  They deliver a distance of 300% than normal binoculars.

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HD Vision Foldaways Sunglasses

HD Vision Foldaways Sunglasses

Other Great New Features Include:

  • High Quality
  • High Color
  • High Clarity
  • High Contrast
  • Reduced Glare
  • Lightweight Bronze Alloy Frames
  • Flexible Nose Pads
  • European Inspired Design.

Now Available at Amazon® - Click Here to Learn More About These Foldable HD Vision Foldaways Sunglasses

Glaring of the sun is dangerous and regular sunglasses are darker and harder to see, but HD Vision Foldaways enhance colors and improve clarity.

You'll notice a world of difference with the HD Vision Foldaways Sunglasses!


  • Brand New and Improved HD Foldaways Sunglasses
  • 12 Million Sold 
  • Clear and Brighter
  • HD Vision Foldaways Sunglasses
  • Quality is High, and the Price is Low
  • Best Value


    Ingenious foldable frame
    Small enough to fit into a shirt pocket or small purse


By ordering today, you'll receive a pair of HD Vision Zoom-Ins for just $10 plus $7.95 S&H. BUT WAIT! We'll send you a second pair for FREE and all you pay is an additional $7.95 to cover shipping and handling. An incredible value!

This product is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, less S&H. Sales tax will be applied to orders from CT.

For customer service or to check on the status of your order, please call 203-299-3340 for information on HD Vision Foldaways.

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